Monday, March 30, 2015

Issue with Exporting a Branch

Following the export of a branch of my family tree with FTM 2014 I have found issues with the resulting file.

I have corrected several families where the parents are both connected and disconnected from each of their children. The only way I have found these issues is that I have stumbled upon them. I assume I will continue to stumble upon them as time passes. 

This post documents an example of that issue and my procedure for correcting it.

The parents shown below do correctly reflect their children.     

However, their children do not reflect that relationship as the parents of Patsy are missing.

The details about a child also correctly reflect the relationship with her parents.

The way I corrected these is tedious!  I tried several approaches and finally settled on the following because it works.  I click the Person tab for the child with the issue

Then I click Attach/Detach Person and then Detach Selected Person.

I select both Fathers and Mothers and click OK and once that quickly processes I immediately click the Person tab again and select Add Person and then Add Father.

and then I select the appropriate father and then click ok.

 Then I select Existing family and click ok.

 The final results now reflect the relationship of Patsy to her parents.

         This procedure must be done for each child in the family!

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